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What we report on:

  • Error codes: This tests for error response codes like the 404 (page not found) or 500 (internal server error). 
  • RedirectsThis spots permanent 301 redirects and issues like redirect chains (where users are automatically redirected via several pages to get to the one they need). 
  • LinksThis highlights link-related issues like broken internal links and outgoing links to unsafe domains. 
  • ImagesThis flags image issues like missing alt text or large images that need to be optimized for faster page loading speeds. 
  • Pages: This is a broad category for almost 20 page-level checks. It flags issues like pages with too many internal links, missing Open Graph tags, and pages that are excluded from the sitemap. 
  • Headings: This checks for issues related to headings like where a page is missing an H1 tag or has more than one H1 tag. 
  • Meta: This highlights items related to meta titles and meta descriptions, such as where they’re missing altogether or are too long for Google to display in full. 
  • Mobile: This tests your site for mobile-readiness. For example, it looks at whether the site loads quickly on mobile devices and whether it can be operated via a touchscreen. 
  • Readability: This flags readability issues, like content that is difficult to comprehend or pages that are too thin (word count below 500). 
  • Other: This catch-all category scans for 14 additional SEO blockers like missing robots.txt, user-unfriendly URLs, and pages that take too long to load.