Avana Flooring

Based in Swindon, Avana Flooring are a flooring supplier and fitting specialist. Taking Swindon and surrounding areas by storm… With a little help from Sway!


Web Design
UX & Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Google Ads

How we met Avana Flooring.

Avana Flooring got in contact with us when they were having a few issues with their website, we diagnosed the issues and offered to fix them. Showing that we knew what we were talking about, Avana asked us to take over their website, hosting and marketing. We have worked with Avana Flooring since January 2021 and we are continuing to assist them with their growth.


Migrating and rebuilding parts of Avana Flooring’s website to allow potential customers to book a home consultation.

It was important for Avana Flooring to have their website SEO ready and to utilise landing pages for Google Ads. Avana Flooring also hired Sway Marketing to start work on their SEO strategy to help them to be found across lots of different areas close by to Swindon.

Strategy - Website Migration and Updates
Understanding the challenges to ensure the right plan was created.

After multiple phone calls with Avana Flooring, discussing ideas and ways forward, we finally decided a date to migrate their existing website over to our fast and secure servers. 

Our key focus: 

  • Identify key blockers that would stop a website visitor from getting in touch or booking an appointment
  • Ensure the brand identity was showcased throughout the site.
  • Create and setup Google Ads
Key stats from our SEO work.
Score 4
Average Score SEO
Score 3
Score 1
Strategy - Search Engine Optimisation
Creating the best strategy to expand the online visibility of Avana Flooring and ensure they are found organically for keywords that will bring new customers.

Avana Flooring had been doing great with their Social outreach, with a good number of social leads and word-of-mouth enquiries. Avana Flooring needed to reach more potential customers and here at Sway Marketing, we started to build on their reputation and grow their organic presence on Google and search engines alike. 

Avana Flooring wanted to leverage the benefits of organic search engine optimisation (SEO) so that they could be found on page one of Google for keywords that would bring in more business.

Sway Marketing has increased its leads from 10 leads per week to just over 50 leads per week.

Our SEO Approach
An SEO marketing strategy that prioritises keyword-rich content, technical fixes, and constant upkeep.

Straight off the bat, the Sway Marketing team started to create a strategy that would combine three pillars of SEO. Creating informative, keyword-dense content as well as eye-catching tag lines again, filled with the right keywords. 

By working on the content, technical side and the authority of the site, we started to build on Avana Floorings site trust.

We performed a technical SEO audit which helped to shape the SEO strategy and action plan. We also advised that Avana Flooring should start to create some content for certain pages. We then worked with Avana Flooring to get the keywords in place.

All this work has shown a massive improvement in the users that browse Avana’s website and leads that come through the form, calendly or phone calls are easier to convert to appointments/sales. 

Steve Goldstein - Managing Director - Avana Flooring
Sway Marketing has been instrumental with growing our online brand, local awareness and advertising campaigns.

Sway designed our new website and within a few weeks of its launch we were obtaining positions on the top pages of Google rankings for our chosen keywords, which is unbelievable when our previous partner wasn't achieving this after 14 months.

After this initial success, we had further consultations with Sway Marketing, where we chose to launch a new type of advert on Facebook and pay per click on Google, both of which have increased enquiries to a point that we are at near maximum capacity and will need to look at employing more staff to deal with demand.

Sway Marketing now host our Website and emails, which has increased our page load times by over a second.

The communication quality and timing from Ashley is fantastic and he always answers my questions in language that I understand.

Take a look at our Web site and see for yourself ... www.avanaflooring.co.uk