PaintNation Automotive Repair

PaintNation offers mobile car body repairs at competitive pricing. 


Web Design
UX & Development
Search Engine Optimisation


Designing and building PaintNation’s website to enable more potential customers to find them online. Setup of Google Ads and an SEO Strategy to get them found online for organic searches.  

It was important for PaintNation to have the ability to make changes to their website, so extensive training was given. PaintNation also wanted the website to show off their creativity to their customers.

Strategy - Web Development.
Understanding the challenges to ensure the right plan was created.

After meeting up with the director of PaintNation, Mike. We discussed branding colours, imagery and websites that Mike likes. After a couple more face to face meetings with Mike and his team, we started to create a roadmap to keep us on track and allow us to strategically build out the project into sections. Our key focus: 

  • Identify key blockers that would stop a website visitor from getting in touch or booking an appointment
  • Ensure the brand identity was showcased throughout the site with a creative website design.
  • Create multiple points of contact (WhatsApp, contact forms and landing pages).
Key stats from our SEO work.
bounce rate score
average position
siteload score
keyword score
Strategy - Search Engine Optimisation.
Creating a strategy that will outshine PaintNation's competitors and increase their online visibility for organic searches.

PaintNation was a fairly new company when it comes to car body repair, all though Mike has some contacts, he was really struggling with getting found online. We set out to build a strategy that will allow for a good number of keywords to start ranking.

Mike Wylie - Director - PaintNation
Sway Marketing is a one stop suits all web company. I was very cautious of companies that offer web help initially, but after a 20 min conversation with Ashley and Luke, I could see the real potential of an SEO strategy solution. Thank you for being so patient with me and explaining all the suitable options. Great results so far and I’m excited to see what’s in store in the future. Honestly, if you have an online business and you want to make sure you are doing things correctly, this company is the one to ask. Thanks again.