In WordPress 6.0, there are a number of new features.

WordPress 6.0, the second major version of 2022, was released earlier today.

The whole site editing experience has been significantly improved in this new iteration, introducing a new approach to constructing websites.

We’ll show you what’s new in WordPress 6.0 in this article, as well as which features you should try after updating your websites.

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WordPress 6.0 is a big release, and you’ll have to manually install it unless you’re using a managed WordPress hosting service. Here’s how to update WordPress safely.

Important: Before updating, make a complete backup of your WordPress site.

As a result, here’s a rundown of what’s new in WordPress 6.0.

Editing of the entire site has been improved.

In WordPress 5.9, a block-based theme editor was introduced as part of the new Full Site Editing experience.

With new site-wide blocks, customizable templates, and more patterns, WordPress 6.0 improves the entire site editing feature.

With WordPress 6.0, you can edit more theme templates.

Within the theme editor, WordPress 6.0 adds the ability to alter even more templates.

The following are some of the new archive templates that you can customise:





Other specialised taxonomies

Export Your Block Theme with All of Your Modifications

All of the adjustments you made to your block theme can now be saved and exported in WordPress 6.0.

WordPress will generate a zip file containing all of the changes you made in the complete site editor. The theme can then be downloaded and installed on any other WordPress website.

In the Block Theme Editor, there are several new blocks.

WordPress 6.0 introduces a slew of new blocks for usage in the theme editor.

1. Add a comment to the Query Loop

The new Comment Query Loop block replaces the Post Comments block in WordPress 6.0.

It includes sub-blocks such as the comment author’s name, avatar, comment content, edit link, and others. You may design your comments on your WordPress site by editing them individually for a more engaging experience.

2: Read More

In WordPress 6.0, you can now add a Read More block to your post excerpts. This gives you extra design possibilities for making the Read More link stand out.

3. Query Loop Has No Results

You can now include the No Results block when creating a Query Loop block.

However, the block will only appear if your chosen query does not return any results.

4. Include a biography of the author.

Along with the Post Author and Avatar blocks, the new post author biography block is now available.

5. The Avatar

You can use the avatar block to show a user’s Avatar (profile photo). You can choose whether to show the avatar of a specific user or the avatar of the current post/page author.


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Pick a Page Design

Your WordPress theme may not yet include any page patterns because this is a brand new feature. You won’t be able to view the popup in such situation.

You can, however, use the patterns library to locate and add patterns to the page you’re working on.

Changes to the Block Editor in WordPress 6.0

Most WordPress users spend the majority of their time generating content and constructing pages for their websites in the block editor.

Each WordPress update improves the experience of writing and creating content for WordPress users.

WordPress 6.0 contains a number of useful features that might help you operate more efficiently on your website.

WordPress 6.0 has a block locking feature.

You may now lock a block in WordPress 6.0 to prevent users from deleting it or changing its position.

One of the most annoying aspects of the reusable blocks is that any changes made by any user are preserved. At the present, block locking in WordPress 6.0 does not fix this problem.

Text Selection in Multiple Blocks Made Easier

It used to be difficult for users to choose text from numerous WordPress blocks.

WordPress 6.0 now makes it much easier to choose text and move the selection cursor more smoothly across the blocks.

Row Blocks and Responsive Groups

With WordPress 6.0, you may specify how blocks should behave on various screen widths.

You can choose to display the blocks inside group blocks as a row or a stack.

Enhancements to the Block Editor that aren't listed elsewhere

There are a few more improvements to the block editor in WordPress 6.0, which you can see below.

1. Adding Internal Links with a Shortcut

You may now add links easily by using two square brackets followed by the title of the post or page. It’s a lot quicker than pressing a button.

Want to learn more about using the block editor to write faster? The WordPress block editor has a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

2. In List View, Select Multiple Blocks

In the list view of WordPress 6.0, you may now pick multiple blocks. In the list view, you can also use Shift+Click or Shift+Up+Down to select numerous neighboring blocks.

You can now move them up and down or conduct other actions after selecting them.

3. Columns Block Border

You can now decorate the column block with a border.

4. Image Spacing for Galleries

Galleries can now be manually altered to include as much space between thumbnails as you require.

5. Select the Separator Block’s Opacity

Gradients and opacity control are now available in the separator block’s colour options.

WordPress 6.0 has accessibility enhancements.

One of WordPress’ main goals is to make publishing more accessible to everyone. With each new WordPress release, the fundamental software is improved to make it more accessible to all users.

Some of the more notable accessibility enhancements in WordPress 6.0 are listed below.

  • If no alternative ALT text is provided, the post title will be utilised as the ALT text for featured photos.
  • In blocks with placeholder items, better tabbing is possible.
  • In block search, look for announcements.
  • For blocks with a placeholder set up, read the description.
  • On smaller displays, screen readers will be able to read the text labels in the admin bar.
  • When a draught is saved, there are more descriptive announcements for screen readers.

Copy the URL of an image from the Media Library List View.

If you view your media library in list mode, you’ll notice that each image and media file now has a ‘Copy URL to clipboard’ link below it.

WordPress 6.0 has a number of improvements behind the hood.

WordPress 6.0 introduces number of significant updates for developers. 
few of the developer changes are listed here.
  • The Webfonts API will allow theme creators to manage local fonts more efficiently using PHP or themes.json.
  • An API that prevents blocks from being displayed on the Widgets screen.
  • Make get_the_author_link pluggable.
  • Improved query for sticky posts.
  • Improved query for sticky posts.
  • edit custom thumbnail sizes is a new filter that works with specific image sizes.

We hope that this post has helped you learn about the new features in WordPress 6.0 and which ones you should check out. Patterns for pages and the entire site editing experience are extremely exciting to us.

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