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As an SEO Agency ready and waiting to get our clients the results they desire, we know what has to be done to delivery sizable results in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our goal is to increase your online consumer base. Sway Marketing is a seasoned SEO agency that can help you improve your search engine exposure and traffic. With the ultimate goal of increasing your company’s leads, inquiries, and sales.

Why Use An SEO Agency?

Get a Head Start on Your Competitors

Customers are looking for your products or/and services online. A competent SEO agency will create a successful plan that will allow you to rank higher in search engine results than your competition. Not only will our plan enhance your website’s visibility in Google and other search engines, but we will also optimise landing pages to increase conversions and sales.

Use Our SEO Agency's Vast Experience

Having an in-house SEO professional allows you to tap into a small pool of SEO expertise. To achieve the greatest outcomes, SEO is a multi-skilled profession that necessitates a variety of analytical and creative abilities. SEO agencies integrate multiple abilities, resulting in a multi-talented, multi-disciplined workforce at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Working with a reputable SEO firm gives you access to a far broader range of skills. Our organic search team has decades of expertise working in a range of industries for clients who all want to increase their online business.

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Find out more about your clients.

When using an SEO Agency to create your website to attract more visitors through increased search exposure an SEO agency has access to a considerably greater volume of data on your consumer base.  As a result, you can make better judgments regarding your products, services, and overall business goals.

Create a Reputable Brand

Unlike paid search, organic rankings can’t be bought, therefore they’re the only way to reach the top of Google or other search engines. Being at the top of the search results provides your company a sense of authority, which your consumers will respect. Over the course of our ten years in the industry, we’ve established a distinctive process. Working with us will provide you with a professional and results-oriented service.

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Frequently asked questions

Even though Sway Marketing was established in 2022, our team has been working in the SEO industry since 2009, and have been providing SEO services to clients while developing a proven technique that has evolved as best practises have changed. Over that time, each team member has worked with small businesses and large business from an everyday gardener to huge car finance firms.

We’re a safe pair of hands with a track record of success and positive feedback. Take a look at our case studies and client reviews, which have been independently verified.

Unlike other “full service” firms, SEO is in our DNA, has been since the beginning of all of our careers, and is our primary focus. Many huge SEO firms are not family-owned, and as a result, they are motivated by distinct ideals.

Our team is disciplined in multiple forms of marketing and design. Web Development and SEO is our bread and butter but we also provide other services such as paid advertising management and social media management, allowing us to be an all round digital marketing agency.

SEO must be viewed as a long-term investment. It can take months, if not years, to completely realise the benefits of an SEO campaign. However, rating changes can occur within weeks, and results might sometimes arrive much sooner than expected.

Don’t believe any SEO company that claims to be able to get you to the top of page one in a matter of weeks; SEO as a short-term plan will only lead to quality difficulties down the road. Even if an SEO firm fulfills this promise, it will only be for “fake searches.”

These are queries with low search volume and intent, which means you may rank #1 but no one will ever see or click the result because they didn’t look for it. It’s pointless to rank high if it doesn’t result in commercial value.

The competitiveness of your sector, how many of your competitors are investing in SEO, the history and age of your website, and the important parts of the plan that are focused on all influence the speed of results.

Our SEO methods are based on our tried-and-true approach – a winning formula that has been refined over the years. We take a different strategy than a traditional SEO firm, which might just crank out a series of monthly assignments without considering the big picture. It’s easy to be a “busy fool” in SEO because there are hundreds of variables to consider.

In addition, we have a unique approach to account management. We take a “clarity at speed” approach, therefore your account team is made up of people who work on your account. There are no’middle men’ account managers; instead, you will have direct access to your account team, allowing for faster and more direct communication and action.

We deploy our campaigns using industry-leading technologies, as well as automation and AI technology to help with tedious duties, allowing our staff to focus on high-value consultative activities that will truly move the needle.

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