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Why does an accountant need SEO?

SEO is the act of enhancing your website so that it ranks higher in search engine result pages and appears more frequently for keywords that are important to your target audience.

The most efficient and cost-effective approach to attracting potential clients currently is through search engine optimisation. By increasing your search position and driving organic and local traffic to your website, our specialised SEO services for accountants, accounting companies, and bookkeepers help you increase your online visibility and generate high-quality leads and sales.

When you search for accounting services on Google,  you will be aware that there are a lot of websites ahead of you for all kinds of related keywords. So how will new customers find your company when they need your services?

You need the assistance of an SEO agency that specialises in SEO to rank your website if you want to compete in this crowded market.

Why is SEO important for an accounting business or bookkeepers?

Accounting businesses should invest in SEO since it will help them reach the most possible customers. If done correctly, SEO will draw targeted traffic to your website from people who need and want your services.

I am all for companies giving basic SEO a go! Even just cleaning up the content of your website will have a drastic effect.

What does Sway Marketing include in its SEO services for accountants?

In terms of our SEO services for accounting companies, Sway Marketing offers a full-service experience. This means you won’t need to go to your internal or external teams for help or go through the hassle of hiring a freelancer to handle particular SEO fixes, such as content creation.

We will take care of everything. Our team is rich with: 

  • SEO Experts
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Copywriters

With such a great team to start helping your business rank online, our service is as follows:

  • SEO website audit
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Regular Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Hiring and SEO agency isn't always key - 4 tips of how you can start to optimise your website right now!

Start to improve your website today! These 4 tips are an easy win no matter what industry you are in.

1. Keyword research.

In order to locate exactly what your potential clients are looking for online, we need to do some keyword research to see what they are inputting in to Google or similar search engines. Once you have found a good handful of decent keywords, phrases and long-tail keywords. We need to check if you are currently ranking for them and where.

Generally speaking, short keywords like “accounting company” are negative for small businesses. These keywords are fiercely contested, and major businesses frequently dominate them. Additionally, because they are not detailed, you are unable to determine the purpose or background of the searcher.

On the other hand, accounting businesses benefit greatly from lengthy keywords, commonly known as “long-tail keywords.” These terms, such as “accounting company in [your city],” reveal something about the searcher and also reveal their intention to hire them as a customer. After all, if they weren’t trying to hire an accounting company, why would they want accounting companies in your city?

Due to their extreme specificity, long-tail keywords receive substantially less traffic than short keywords. However, because they are less competitive, you can dominate the search results as a consequence. Additionally, you can be certain that the visitors you draw to your website are all prospective customers, resulting in the attraction of qualified leads to your company.

Check out the Google Ads keyword planner to discover the terms that are effective for you.

2. Don’t be afraid of creating dedicated pages.

It’s time to employ your chosen keywords on your website once you’ve organised them. Make pages for every keyword that provide comprehensive, relevant information about that term. Therefore, if someone is looking for a “trusted accounting business in [your city],” you may construct a page o your website that describes your experience with the area, how successfully you worked with previous clients, and your professionalism.

These sorts of pages foster a relationship with a potential customer by establishing trust between you and the reader by demonstrating your accounting knowledge and experience. The more useful information you can provide, the more probable it is that they will become a paying customer.

Speaking of conversions, each of your pages ought to offer a means for visitors to do so. At the bottom of your page, provide a call to action like “Contact us today!” and a form field or link where visitors may submit their contact information. Once you have that crucial information, you can get in touch with them straight away to help convert that lead into a paying customer.

A blog is another excellent approach to providing material for your viewers in addition to the article pages of your website. Because blogs are simple to share on social media, you can use them to target your most valuable keywords, and Google-like websites with lots of pages, blogs are advantageous.

3. Does your business have a Google Business page?

Why does a business need a Google business page, let alone an accounting company? When someone searches for your accounting business locally, you will appear as a result if you add your firm to Google’s Business pages.

Additionally, Google Business pages provide useful details like your company’s address, customer reviews, and operating hours. If you are listed there, your business will be one of the first ones clients view as these results also appear at the top of search pages.

4. User experience.

The term “user experience” covers a wide range of factors, including site performance and navigational simplicity. Your search engine rankings may be impacted by any or all of these factors.

Google wants to know that your website is among the greatest results it can provide to users when ranking your website for search results. If your site has a high bounce rate as a result of a poor load time or challenging navigation, Google won’t consider it one of the best.

Use a navigation bar that enables people to swiftly and easily access the content they’re searching for on your website to ensure that visitors get the greatest experience possible.

Your website’s layout should be neat and well-organized in order to keep visitors on the page. The usage of multimedia, such as pictures and movies, can draw visitors.

And that’s it!

SEO is what we do here at Sway Marketing. Not only offering value to your business but trust is our big thing. So please get in touch if you have any questions or visit our SEO Packages page to see what else is included in our SEO Service”!

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