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SEO Gold

What is an SEO Package?

A business hires a specialised agency to do onsite and offsite website optimisation tasks as part of an SEO Package, which is a monthly subscription. These actions are complied with Google’s guidelines and include both on-site (Technical SEO, Heading Tags, Robots.txt, and Sitemap XML) and off-site (offsite linking) strategies (Link Building, PageRank). Depending on how competitive your sector is and how well the campaign performs, prices might range from £350.00 to more than £1,400.00.

Numerous variables might affect how much an SEO campaign will cost. Expect to need more time and off-site help to see your website rank highly on Google if your website has a difficult background with things like a manual penalty or the sector you’re trying to rank in is very competitive. A Bronze SEO service, which costs £350.00 per month, often works well for small businesses like plumbers, electricians, and gardeners. Businesses that operate nationally and provide their services across the UK often do best with our Silver and Gold packages.

The benefits of Sway's SEO

  • Greater Savings: Traditional marketing strategies are losing their effectiveness.
  • Long-Term Sustainable Growth: Growth will continue to be produced through high page rankings.
  • No Additional Fees or Price increases that are all upfront, honest, and transparent.
  • Analysis and data monitoring: Every return on investment is carefully monitored.
  • Reports: Correct reporting enables you to completely comprehend your online status at any given time.
  • Reduced pressure on sales employees thanks to a steady stream of inquiries from your website.

How it works:

Our thoughtfully created SEO packages are created to provide the most advantages without the added stress of doing it yourself. Each package is built with a specified budget in mind and follows a predetermined procedure to guarantee fantastic outcomes for your website. Here is a quick breakdown of each package’s structure.

1. First Call

On this call we get to introduce ourselves, learn more about you and your business. WHo your competitors are and we will explain how we are going to help your business with SEO.

2. SEO Review & SIte Audit

Each of our SEO packages begins with a thorough analysis of your site as it is right now. We examine a wide variety of variables, starting with a technical audit to identify any technical issues with the site. Broken links, missing robots.txt files, broken pages, and improper redirection, such as “302”. Once the audit is completed, we additionally examine your site’s backlinks and other website components.

3. Apply SEO Onsite Fixes

The numerous adjustments will then start to be applied to your website by our SEO specialists. These could involve updating header tags, doing term frequency analyses, adding keywords to improve page relevance, repairing HTML, and many other things. On a single page, there may actually be thousands of alternatives to consider. Most significantly, we concentrate on strategies that will improve Google ranks.

4. Improve Website Reach via Landing Pages

After establishing the fundamentals of technical SEO, we go on to considering the overall SEO strategy for your website. Are you trying to reach people all around the country? Or do you want to advertise in your neighbourhood? A fantastic strategy to start expanding the reach of the website on Google is to create landing pages that are packed with rich, latently semantically relevant information. We can assist in identifying the key phrases on which your company should concentrate.