Router Login

{{ 'Validation Code' | translate }}
User Mode is off now.Wrong validation code!The username or password you entered is incorrect.Reach the maximum login number. Try another user account.No available buffer now. Please contact with your administratorUser account is not enabled now.You aren't allowed to access internet (out of schedule).User login denied from http protocol. Please contact with your administratorThe user ran out of time quota.The user ran out of data quota.Wrong user account. Please contact with your administrator.
After press "Get Code", your authentication code will be sent to your Email box or phone. It will expire after 10 minutes.
2FA Code
Security Warning: You are logging in without encryption which is not recommended. To login securely click here.

Welcome Message

This welcome message is displayed in the Login page of the router. Replace this text with your own message.

  1. The welcome message can be written in HTML so lists such as this one can be created
  2. Other markup tags such as p, font or img can be used